Dedicated to Our Blessed Mother

God is timeless Spirit, Who resides in His eternal now, without beginning, without end. It is only because of His great Love for us that He subjects Himself to the sequential bonds of time as the Word Incarnate. Born of the Virgin Mary, Jesus comes into time to save and to reconcile the Father’s creation from the bondage of sin and eternal damnation. In doing this, our Father teaches, governs, and sanctifies us by the life, death, and resurrection of His Son, Jesus and the Holy Catholic Church He founded.

The traditional Rosary is a presentation of the mysteries of our redemption, given sequentially, and expanded by Blessed Pope John Paul II, to illuminate the perfect knowledge of God, Who is Love. What would happen if we enter into the Sacred Mysteries of the Rosary of our Redemption in a timeless way? Would there be a universal, mystical connection if all the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth mysteries are juxtaposed to enable a more timeless than sequential consideration?

Would this method of focus allow us to better grasp the complete mystery, or at least a fuller picture of God’s timeless Love for us?

Would it allow us to praise and worship our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, in a more pleasing way, by joining our prayers and adoration with the Blessed Mother, he shared with us from the cross?

Would it allow us to better petition for the spiritual fruits gained for us by our Lord?

Would it allow us to more fully enter into, the mystery of His Divine Mercy while being accompanied by, “The Mother of Mercy?”

Would it allow us to express in prayer an intimate repentance for our sin like King David did when he wrote his penitential psalm?

Would it allow us to walk along with our Lord while He opens our minds and hearts to His timeless presence in Scripture as He did to the disciples on the road to Emmaus?

Would it allow us to better battle temptation by seeking the help of God, His Blessed Mother, and His Word in Sacred Scripture?

Would it allow us to pray, the Liturgy of the Word, in preparation for an upcoming Mass? Would this preparation, coupled with sacramental confession help to make this great memorial of God’s Love even more meaningful to us since we have meditated on the readings, psalms, and gospels beforehand and so come dressed in the proper state of grace to receive our Lord and Savior in Holy Communion?